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4Fortis meaning 4 "strong" is based on the 4 major principles that drive this company

  1. Integrity

  2. Fortitude

  3. Diligence

  4. Passion

If all we do is accomplish these 4 principles in our work, our accomplishments can only be great.


We live everyday with that entrepreneur attitude and confidence it takes to be successful, since we are building our dreams we figured we could  build yours along the way. 

We are comprised of professionals from varied back grounds and expertise. We have collective experience from projects the world over. Construction projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Program management for the DOD to world class resort Construction. We have built, Operated, Maintained, staffed, and developed projects across the globe and just across town. Our professionals bring a worldly view, knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment.


Our skill sets allow us the flexibility and luxury to be a multifaceted Development company that can oversee complex projects from the conceptual planning to where ever your dream takes it and what ever you may need. 



We pride ourselves on the relationships we have and look forward to the ones we will gain. Through these relationships we have the ability to guide you into success. With diversified companies in partnership with us, we have the answer amongst us. By bringing all these relationships to you, you will not have to look anywhere else for your solution. We will bring the solution to you. We diversify our strategies to best fit the demands of our projects, clients and investors. When we approach a project we look at all aspects of it. We will do what is in the best interests for our clients and provide them with the best answer possible. We would rather put our clients in the hands of a better situation then damage the relationship. All egos aside, we are serious about the best possible solution and are more interested in the relationship.


Having a clear conversation with someone who explains everything in a way you can understand is the only way you can trust what is being said. Communication is by far and large the most important part of what we do. Anyone can build something but not everyone can build exactly what you want. It takes a personal touch and personal investment to achieve that. Our professionals will hear what you have to say, devise a plan and walk you through the process, showing you what and how we are doing it. We want you to know.




Timing is everything and more time is too expensive. When we say execution we mean get it done right the first time and on time. All of the partner companies that are involved in the process strive to achieve excellence and work tirelessly to achieve the end goal. Performance starts with clean, clear execution. It is more than just knowing what you are doing, it is loving it.

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