Christopher M. Heck-CEO 


Mr. Heck has a long tenured background in Land development, Engineering Design, Master Planning, and Construction Management spanning the globe. Having worked in the Middle East, Africa, SW Asia and coast to coast in the continental US, he has proven his ability to be successful in any environment. 

Mr. Heck has worked in various roles and positions for previous companies to include Operations Officer, Business Development Officer, Corporate QAQC Manager, DOD Project Manager, and Program Manager all in locations around the world and here at home. With a world of experience his leadership has proven to be adaptive and innovative with the core founding principles of 4Fortis as his foundation.




Christopher M. Heck Owner

Rebekah Frost-CFO

Ms. Frost has a diversified background in Forensic Accounting/Audits, Project controls, Medical accounting/billing, project budgeting/projections and tax strategies. Her leadership in the area of corporate finance and strategy are benchmarks of the 4Fortis philosophy of excellence 

Mr. Frost has worked in various roles and positions for previous companies and the united states government. The experience that Ms. Frost has accrued over her career thus far combines National and international experience, combat and civilian roles, Medical and Land development budget controls, and Government project financials.   





Pedro J. Solis- VP 

Government Relations 


Mr. Solis has a background in Military and government affairs. Having worked in the Texas legislature through several sessions, Mr. Solis has taken his military oath to civilian life and has lead by example. 

Mr. Solis has a back ground with paramedical training while in service, has an educational background in foreign language and economics, a working background in business development, and government working experience that is an essential  component in the long term success of any project or endeavor, undertaken. Mr. Solis brings a tool set to 4Fortis that enhances the international abilities to operate in any environment successfully.