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Fee Developer


4Fortis assembles and directs Project Teams, including architect, contractor, engineers, and other necessary professional services. We carefully select and define each team member’s role to assure their expertise is the best fit for the project. We coordinate all Project Team meetings and communications. We become the primary contact for the Owner, streamlining the communication process.

4Fortis and the Project Team will carry out all activities necessary to define the project’s market; conceptualize, plan, and design the project to meet that market; obtain all entitlements for the project; build public and governmental support of the project; generate the marketing plan to attract interest in the project from prospective tenants and/or purchasers; and prepare the project for construction. Additionally, 4Fortis will establish and maintain the project schedule, review and approve all contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids, assure compliance with project budget, conduct field inspections of project progress, resolve design and construction problems, schedule and attend inspections, approve all change orders, coordinate owner-tenant concerns, prepare punch-lists, obtain occupancy certificates, and place the building in service.

Fee Developer services are provided on a percentage fee basis. The fee is based on the total project cost. 4Fortis percentage fee is on a sliding scale, reducing as the size of the project increases.

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