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Construction Management


Conceptual design is the seed that grows into the final product. Here at 4Fortis we provide a very comprehensive conceptual design process that gives better shape and structure to an idea...that is, to your idea. Conceptual planning is phase 1 in the overall planning process. A process that starts with you.


We are builders. We love the challenges and engage the challenges head on. Our Project managers are professionals that love what they do and do it with great passion. The pride is in the details and personal touches that every project has. Our customer relations and transparent management philosophy makes the process that much easier. When you are dealing with a group of professionals who want nothing more then to do the job right the first time and on time, it takes the project to a whole new level. From Buildings to airports and entire complexes our professionals know the drill and are well adapt in adversity management.

We understand the importance of impression and perception. We also know about heavy lifting and what it takes to stay the course for developments. Client Representation also known as an Owner's representative (Project Manager, and Construction Manager) is a critical role 4Fortis has turned into a complete program of services. Program management can provide the best opportunities for the owner to realize the most creative and cost effective solutions at each point in the development of a project. Program management can also include assisting the owner at various stages of a specific project for specific tasks or functions such as with regulatory issues, permitting, and negotiations with other entities. Construction management services involved assisting the owner during the actual construction of a project. 4Fortis has the staff to assure that the contractor builds the project in accordance with the project design documents as well as coordinate between contractors and the client to avoid problems and conflicts identified during the construction phase of development. 4Fortis provides Developer level program management services for all types of construction projects, from single family, multi-family, commercial retail/mixed use and other related land development projects and can work as a trusted partner in assisting Clients in completion of projects at any stage.

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