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Our investment strategy is not solely in real estate development sales. We have plenty of real property investments and ownership opportunities of land development. All of the Traditional positions of General Partner and Limited Partner positions, along with Front end and back end investment strategies for multi-phase developments. Though we still very much do those investment deals, we also do much more.


The world of commodities have financed more developments the world over then your average bank. Leveraging of gold and gems is nothing new to the land development world. Dealing in bank instruments and trader bonds is how the roaring 20's did their deals. As an international group we have ties into the heart of gold trading. We have investment opportunities in a profit sharing program that is an exclusive opportunity for a capable investor.

Off Ledger Account Leverage, Buy/Sell, Bank Guarantees, Escrow Funding, Leveraged Loan Financing, Bullets, Tear Sheets, Exchange stabilization Fund, And more. These Programs preform well but it is Profit sharing trade ventures that provide Highest yield on the world market. Specialized programs that require a validating project to be able to invest in the profit sharing program.  

We provide the validating program for a type of investment that allows profit share funds to be used in a system of buying and selling. Arrange a call to find out more.

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